Conversations about Trauma, Violence, and Recovery

Violence, and Recovery


In the summer of 2018 I was invited to be a part of a panel discussing how to work with trauma.  The discussion took place after the play Extremities by William Mastrosimone was performed. The play is about rape and power and what could happen if a victim found a way to take her power back.  We discussed the relevance of the play during the MeToo movement. I shared how Somatic Experiencing was a non violent way of healing and that the victim can find their own way back to agency and power by unwinding the fight/flight/freeze response that occurs when we encounter life threatening situations.  Fortunately, in the 21st century- victims of violence have a way out of their PTSD.  We do not need to live in the past.  Somatic Experiencing can assist us to begin to live, again, in the present without being haunted by our past traumas.  It was a privilege for me to share my knowledge and expertise on how to resolve trauma.

The director of the play Tina Alexis Allen  published a book that I highly recommend. Her book is about dangerous family secrets, lies, and truth telling.  Her book is entitled Hiding Out, a Memoir of Drugs, Deception and Double Lives and can be found on Amazon.

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