Returning To The Office & The Body With Bellicon!

After the trauma of the past several years we all need to find a supportive and easy way back into our bodies.  The Bellicon is a gentle way to begin this process.  

The Bellicon is also an effective somatic tool to treat depression.

Some of my patients are using the Bellicon to sit on during session.  The Bellicon offers more of a physiological sense of support than a couch.  Other people have found that they like to lay down on it with a weighted blanket.  And, yes, of course, you can gently jump on the Bellicon!

Dr. Peter Levine explains in his own words the therapeutic benefits of using the Bellicon.

Please give the video and Peter a watch.  Most importantly, please feel welcome back to my office.  I will be happy to see you and your feet!  We will use them to very gently bounce back into life together.  One session at a time- we will work with returning home to the body.  I look forward to seeing you. 

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