Spring Awakening: Sexuality, Creativity and the Second Chakra


Southern California opens up and blooms early. I am quite intoxicated by the fragrant smells and bright colors when the buds begin to bloom. Where I live, orange blossoms fill the air with a staggering perfume.

Orange blossoms make me think of our second chakra.

While practicing energy healing, it is important to see the link between the freedom and expression of our feelings and how this is directly in relationship to a healthy sexual life as well as creative self expression. This is the function of our second chakra. The color is orange and desire is key!

The element of the second chakra is water and its purpose is movement and connection. We have moved from the stability and necessary structure of the first chakra to the fluidity and changeability of feeling, emotions and desires.  Changeability is an important word.  Our feelings, desires and emotions are definitely fluid.  We need to be able to flow with them and be willing to change alongside them.  Because, trust me, they will change.

The second chakra is located in the lower abdomen and its identity is emotional.

Issues linked to a block or difficultly in the second chakra might be expressed as rigidity in feeling as well as a severe fear of change or even a lack of desire. Without a sense of desire, we don’t know where to focus our attention. Desire is truly the map of our soul. Without a connection to desire, we don’t know what we want. If we don’t know what we want then we don’t know how to go about getting it. This lack of desire or impulse can leave us feeling flat, dull and depressed.

Second chakra issues are connected to those who deny themselves pleasure in life.  Maybe they are afraid to experience the freedom of opening up to pleasure. Second chakra issues do not feel entitled to stop and smell the orange blossoms. Often times, boundaries that are far too rigid to allow for flow in relationships can also be experienced in a second charka issue. This is no way to live.

In working with those who have second chakra issues, I may also experience the opposite- excesses such as sexual acting out or addiction to sex. Overly strong emotions may manifest as those who are addicted to drama or a crisis. A weakening of this chakra may manifest as having poor boundaries and the invasion of other’s private space. Manipulation and obsessive attachments to other people are also found here.

The developmental stage linked with this chakra are the ages from 6 months to 2 years old. It is the developmental task of the sensate exploration of the world and movement. Anyone who has a child knows that it is around this age that the child wants to move to explore the world.  There is a desire to begin to explore what one wants to know more about.

What can cause an imbalance to the second chakra? Certainly sexual abuse, emotional abuse, volatile situations such as raging parents, emotional manipulation, physical abuse, alcoholic families as well as inherited issues- parents who have not worked out their own issues around sexuality.

In balancing and healing the second chakra we acknowledge the basic right to FEEL and to HAVE PLEASURE. We can feel entitled to reclaim our birthright which is to feel and allow passion in our lives.  What turns us on?  What do you desire?  These issues are not only sexual- but also how we express ourselves creatively, how we like to dress, what music we like to listen to, what art pleases us and even what we enjoy doing in our leisure time.

When we free the flow of this energy which is essential for growth and change, we transform the fears that separate us from others and the world.

Desire is a spiritual impulse- it is the soul’s longing to move forward. When you think about a baby beginning to move its body- wanting to stand and grab and explore, we are talking about this chakra. This is a beautiful part of our “electrical blueprint!’ We were actually built to desire and it is desire which propels us forward.

If you feel that past trauma is in the way of your connecting to the sensate world and to your desires, Energy Medicine can help you with this.

Come on in for some spring healing. Spring is opening up and I promise so can you.

I will be so happy to see you!

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