This is a safe place for all those who have been told that they are “too sensitive” and who have sometimes felt too fragile in the world.

Who you are…

You are whole, but you feel in pieces.
You hurt, probably much more than you let on.
You are unsure of the way forward, or the way out.
You may be mired in destructive family, romantic, work or health patterns. You may be struggling with addiction (in you or someone close). You may be haunted by trauma, or by loss.
You are sensitive and that gift of sensitivity has not always felt safe to feel and be with.
You may be desperately unhappy. Or angry. Or lonely. And not even know why.
You may secretly fear you are deeply flawed. Broken. Unlovable. Unnecessary.

Who I am…

Katie_BainbridgeI am Katharine Bainbridge and I am a pioneer of a new holistic approach to psychotherapy that draws on my experience as a Certified Jungian Analyst, Buddhist Psychotherapist and Energy Balancing Therapist … because I believe there is more to know and heal than what our minds alone can remember.

I see local clients from Los Angeles in my private office in Encino, and I see international clientele from all around the world, by phone and Skype. I work primarily with highly sensitive women, children and couples in times of personal crisis.

It is my work, with the assistance of your own innate intelligence, to support you in remembering your joy, your connection to Wholeness and your purpose in this life.

What Happens Next?

You may click here to read more about my approach, or if you’re ready to connect, click here to arrange an appointment.

A percentage of the revenue from my business goes to WOMEN THRIVE ALLIANCE  ensuring gender equality and the advancement of opportunities, economic prosperity, voice and freedom from fear and violence for women.