I focus on the mental health and well-being of adults, young adults and couples— many of whom are coping with a deep sense of loss, disconnection from life’s creative and regenerative energies, trauma, and a need to orient to the complexities of a vastly changing world.

I specialize in attending to the regenerative ability of the soul. Something deep within each one of us is waiting to be known. My focus is working with adults- many of whom are coping with a sense of loss, trauma, and a new orientation to a vastly changing world.

I  am committed to treating your whole person by seeing and listening to your thinking/emotional self but also your physical, spiritual, and instinctual self. If you haven’t been able to think your way out of your problems, you are not alone.  We are a society that can neglect the loss of soul that accompanies trauma. We often imagine that it is insight alone that heals. If you feel otherwise, or you wish to go beyond this belief, we should meet.

This is psychotherapy for the 21st Century.

 I work with local clients from Los Angeles in my Encino, California office

"There is nobody else in control of our lives, our experiences, our freedom....It is all up to us."

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